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Check Out This Manhattan Roof Garden


Wow, right? This is a 1,600 square foot roof garden in Chelsea, Manhattan. Sotheby’s has the full tour of this $4.5 million home.


Seeds for our roof garden

Our seeds arrived today from Hudson Valley Seed Library! 19 different kinds, I think I was a bit ambitious.

RP is home putting together our new potting bench.

Spring Window Box on Wheels!

I tripped over this inspiring daffodil window box yesterday in Boston’s Back Bay in front of Sault, a well curated shop that’s hard to define. They sell: ties, notebooks, gardening tools and vintage curiosities.

The owner told me there’s more gardening items on the way for spring!

Cheers to the first flower of spring

Our whole co-op has had our eyes on our Brooklyn tree pit garden for a couple weeks. Well, today was the day. They’re here, they’re here: the first flowers of the 2012 gardening season!

This daffodil is a bit lanky looking and cautious, almost as if to say: I know I’m a little early, I could walk around the block if you want, but I brought some good champagne!