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Windowbox Herbs Grow in Brooklyn


It doesn’t take too much space to grow a beautiful herb garden. Check out these pictures Prospectus shared on my neighborhood’s message boards.

Tomatoes too!



Co-planting Roses with Lavender, Sage, and Thyme

lavenderI had a meeting near Union Square this afternoon and stopped at the Greenmarket on my way back to the office. I can’t help myself — I bought more plants for the roof.

I bought two “True English” lavender plants plus purple sage, purple basil, German thyme, oregano and a variegated sage from The Blew Family’s farm stand. This article on companion plants for roses was my guide.

All these herbs will be co-planted (a phrase I just learned) with the English heirloom roses I bought R* for his birthday: a lilac-pink Yesterday and the explosively apricot Cottage Garden . I like puzzling over the combination of each pot — coordinating color, fragrance, height, light plus water and soil requirements.

What Herbs Grow Best in a Roof Garden?


We’re mostly growing drought-tolerant plants and grasses in rooftop container garden. I did sneak one spring of thyme into a pot just to see what would happen. So far it is still alive.

It seems like Mediterranean herbs could hack the heat and direct sunlight of a roof garden. They could also look beautiful and add an amazing fragrance. Does anyone have suggestions on what herbs we should try to grow on our Brooklyn roof?

Photo: Sunset Magazine