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Gardening with the Sky


Isn’t O2B’s Brooklyn roof garden photo stunning? Totally captures the moody city summer sky.

As I studied this picture, I realized this photo can teach us a lot about texture and varying materials in roof gardens too: ceramic tile, wooden furniture with canvas pillows, cement pillars. The light fixtures create a sense of a roof … and see how the vines are creeping up the support wires?

Image: O2B via Flickr with Creative Commons


Brooklyn Roof Deck Inspiration: Bearsky


Check out this inspiring picture from fellow Brooklynite Bearsky. The vines add a sense of whimsy and  soften the edges with jungle-y style. I’ve gotta find a way to incorporate some vines this summer. The rich deep colors of the foliage are an inspiration too. Better get some coleus quick.

Thanks for the inspiration, Bearsky.

Photo: Bearsky, used with permission via Flickr