About Our Brooklyn Roof Garden

Live from Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, New York — welcome to the second summer of our rooftop garden experiment.  Our shared roof space was dismal for years. In the spring of 2009, my partner R* and I decided make something beautiful happen up there. We bought a patio set, a bunch of pots and got to work on a series of rooftop container gardens.

R* and I hadn’t worked in gardens since we were kids and we had no experience with the windy, dry, super sunny extremes of rooftop gardening. We have so many questions and are learning as we go. We’ll share ideas and inspiration we find in other balconies and window boxes, Brooklyn stoop gardens and roofs. We hope you’ll have ideas to share too. Welcome.

Would you like to share pictures of your roof garden — even if it isn’t in Brooklyn? Do you have questions or suggestions for our garden? Want to share some plant cuttings?

Please reach out to us using this form:

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