Smith and Hawken’s Stack and Grow Planter


We’re running out of space for plants. Tomorrow, we’re potting two irises with some yarrow and two rose bushes. Once those plants go in, we’ll have no vacancy up there for the rest of the summer.

Now we’re eyeing this Stack and Grow Planter from Smith & Hawken. A plant skyscraper seems very New York to me. Since water is scarce up on our roof (we need to lug it up from our apartment on the second flooor), we dig how the water efficiently drains through the whole planter.

Too bad the Stack and Grow Planter is round though. A square shape would be easier to tuck into a corner when we have guests and need more space for the grill. Also, the plant pockets look shallow and I keep hearing that the key to great roof gardening is huge, deep pots.


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  1. Posted by Erika on May 29, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    My MIL has one of these, but waters it daily and takes great care. If you want to use it, it will have to be just like the plants they show in this pic–all desert, cacti, water-holding plants that could survive those shallow pots. Desert plants need hardly any soil at all!


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