Umbrella Planter Puts a Centerpiece on the Patio Table


The only place in our roof garden that isn’t stuffed with plants is the patio table. That’s the opposite of how we live inside, where we almost always have a plant or flowers on our dining table.


Next year, we could add one of these umbrella planters to the center of the table. The more gardening books I read, the more curious I’m getting. This could be a fun place to plant a tiny alpine container garden or a crazy scene full of sedums and hens and chicks.

HGUMBRELLAPLANTER__1But would it leak and splash in the rain, leaving mud all over the table? I know that’s what R* would ask me. The bird crap on the table is enough to scrub off as it is.

Shopping for an Umbrella Planter:
eBay: Inexpensive and goes with everything, but terra cotta breaks easily

Grandin Road: $99 is pretty steep for something seasonal, but for someone going copper, it could be great.

Simply Planters: Too expensive and too dramatic.

Back Yard City: Out of stock.

I can’t figure out why large stores and brands like Martha Stewart, Target, and Home Depot don’t sell these. And why are these out of stock at so many online retailers? I’m looking for umbrella planter gossip. Does it have something to do with these patents?


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  1. Posted by amy rodrick on March 18, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    I have looked all over the place on internet for this exact ceramic round umbrella table planter. I had one for many years and 1/2 of it broke and want to get another just like it….FINALLY found it in your web site, only to find it is not sold anymore and your not reordering…..I wish you would or can tell me who else might have it. I saw another website that had it listed also, but was sold out. I hope you can help, otherwise I will have to think about making my own. Thanks, Amy Rodrick


  2. I too have been searching for an umbrella planter. I’ve tried making my own, but nothing so far has worked.

    The only thing that I’ve seen that might work is Which need to be filled really full to look good, and they’re pretty big.


  3. Try looking on I make a 2 piece ceramic patio table umbrella planter. Everything on is made to order so it can be painted just about any color you would like.



  4. Posted by Shelley Kennedy on July 9, 2011 at 1:18 am

    Try looking on or


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