The Roof Garden at The Caledonia


Last night I went to a part last night for Sferra linens, held on the sun terrace of The Caledonia, a posh new apartment building just off the High Line in West Chelsea. Even through the rain clouds, this Manhattan roof garden is stunning. It looks like the plants were carefully chosen to stand up to all the wind and unpredictable weather.

I wish I’d brought a better camera to share a sharper sense of the place, but wow — check this out! There was also an outdoor bar and kitchen too.


Here’s another photo with the Maritime Hotel and the Port Authority building in the distance. Does anyone know what these purple flowers are growing in the long boxes? Any Caledonia residents have more pictures to share? The best part about the Caledonia’s garden is that it over looks two or three more roof gardens along with this view of the Hudson River. Thanks for having me, Sferra.


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