Help Us Pick Plants: One More Rooftop Perennial Container


Hey, so we’re adding one more container to our roof garden … and we really need your help.  We’re hoping to put bold flowers and lush-looking plants that will be able to handle  rooftop conditions .

I’m just about ready to push the buy button on this cart from White Flower Farm, but I’d like your advice on my choices first. How did I do?

  • We already have a red salvia that’s going gangbusters on the roof, so I thought adding a purple salvia would be smart.
  • Heuchera is my new favorite plant and I’d like to try one in our garden. Heuchera Obsidian can tolerate full sun and the near black leaves look exciting and low maintenance.
  • The Ganzania kerbasiana Tanager has bright flowers with dark centers that would set off the heuchera. But it might clash with the purple salvia?

I want to place the order tomorrow, so we can hopefully pot them this weekend. What do you think? The salvia would be a thriller, the heuchera a filler . . . but I don’t think the Tanager is really a “spiller.” I could try Creeping Jenny, or can you suggest another spiller?

The Sedum Mr. Goodbud would live in a different container, under more dry condditions. Mr. Goodbud should look good in the late fall, after most other things have died back.

It feels like we’ve already spent a small fortune on plants and keep saying we’re going to stop buying plants . . . then we keep going back for “just one more.” Is this a sensible purchase or are there some better options for us? Thanks for any help!


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