A Rooftop and Terrace Vegetable Garden in Brooklyn


Mapleton-Bklyn is an amazing diary of a hard working, first year Brooklyn vegetable garden. Check out the variety of things Chris is growing over there — even dino kale!


Chris speaks honestly about the hassle (“it would be nice not to have the apartment look like a construction site.”) and joy of growing in Brooklyn (“my squash leaves just grew 1.2mm in the past six hours”). Check out all his hard work, aphids and all. For even more Brooklyn veggie photos, check out Chris’ Flickr site.

Images: Mapleton-Bklyn


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  1. Thanks for the post – it’s been a pretty rewarding experience so far. My comment about the squash leaves referenced above was tongue-in-cheek – but yes, the joys are great! We are awash in squash, pale with kale and bumping with beans. Yes, we still go shopping at the greenmarket, but there have been meals based solely on our own growings! To think that they’ve come primarily from four EarthBox SIPs is pretty incredible.


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