Terrace and Roof Gardens in Rome


R* and I have been back from vacation in Rome and the Greek Islands for a little over a week. We’re downloading our photos and reflecting on all that we saw.

We discovered that Rome must be the urban container gardening center of the world. R* and I spent a week wondering through Rome and made a game of pointing out amazing window boxes and roof gardens all over Rome.


Rome’s container gardens focus on greens, more than flowers. This must be because of the heat — it was nearly 100 when we were there in late August.


We stayed at the Hotel Torino in Rome. We felt right at home on their  roof garden where a complimentary breakfast is served to guests — and pigeon passers-by — every morning.

Check out Philip’s Garden Blog for a poetic post about roof gardens in Rome. I wish I would have known about these Secret Gardens of Rome before we left the Eternal City. In case the food alone wasn’t reason enough to go back to Rome, I also have to go back to check out more gardens.


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  1. I find that I like straight green gardens the best anyways most of the time.. different shades of green in the city like that can really look good.


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