The Hanging Basket Report: Better Luck Next Year


We went through two hanging baskets this summer. We had this pink, perfect mini-petunia in June. Once the petunia baked on our roof garden, we swapped it out for this yellow lantana. By the end of August, the lantana fell to the dry windy heat too. (A neighbor criticized us for growing lantana, a plant he considered a weed.)

We’re thinking about new ideas for the hanging basket/pole for next summer.

The plant in this picture, living on a light pole high above 34th Street, near the midtown Manhattan flagship Macy’s made me think more about our hanging basket problem. If a  hanging basket can make it there, seems like a hanging basket could make it anywhere. I wonder how often these pots are watered.


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  1. Love your garden pics. Where did you find the “garbage can inspired” planters?


    • Posted by gochrisgo75 on October 7, 2009 at 2:39 pm

      Hi Mia, those “garbage can” post aren’t mine. I saw them at the Crosby Street Hotel. You might want to call or email them to ask for the source.


  2. Any of the petunia Easy Wave series do well on streets. They should be planted with ‘soil moist’ in the growing medium to help absorb as much water as possible. They will still need to be thoroughly watered at least once a day and should be fertilized at least 1x per week. Last year, of course, was an exception with everything in the NY area drowning. The pink street pole basket that you show looks like an ivy geranium which is also a popular choice, although it is less showy having fewer and smaller flowers than a petunia.


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