Pipe Music to your Roof Garden?

Do you pump jams up to your roof garden? We talked about it for two summers, but never tackled the challenge.

This summer, we’ve been loving the wireless Jawbone Jambox on the roof. We send music to it wirelessly via Bluetooth from out iPhone.

I happened to see this display of white W Hotel looking outdoor speakers and these faux rock speakers of questionable taste this morning at Best Buy. It looks like this can be wirelessly connected to the Sonos system we’re trying to set up downstairs. Sonos is cool for synching the music through the whole place – from living room and kitchen up to the roof all controlled from an iPhone or iPad app.

I’m going to keep researching an outdoor sound system. Any advice?

My favorite song to listen to up there? Up on the Roof by Carole King, of course. Buena Vista Social Club also feels good up there.


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