Spring Planting and Prep for Our Outdoor Bar

We had our first busy gardening Saturday of the season. We decided be a little bit crazy. We bought $22 of violas and planted them in our front planters this morning . . . actually we woke up at noon, so it was this afternoon. Putting tender plants into the ground means we’re committed optimists; it isn’t going to snow or freeze now. Phillips Farms was selling purple, yellow, and lavender violas at the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket. We bought a flat of plants for the planters in front of our co-op. While I was on the stoop planting and sweeping away a winter’s worth of cig butts and leaves, RP was up at our roof garden measuring for furniture and planters.

With the garden drawing in place, I shook up some negronis (while tradition splits the spirits evenly, we go stronger: 1/2 Bombay Sapphire gin, 1/4 Campari, 1/4 Noilly Prat vermouth. “”The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other.” – Orson Welles) and made some furniture and planter decisions. RP and I  bought two galvanized stools from Industry West and a teak outdoor table from Amazon (Strathwood Bradford, by name). We like the contrast between the wood and metal. We need the height of a bar table so we can peer over the table to catch the view.

Next up: We need to find a planter for our vegetable garden and RP wants a Buddha. Namaste from Brooklyn!


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