Rooftop Radish Harvest

When we took a rooftop gardening class at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this spring, the teacher warned that growing small amounts of vegetables on a roof top was unsustainable and probably silly. Too much water, too much time.

She was totally right. I could have bought this bunch of radishes this morning at the farmer’s market for $1.99. Plenty of trendy succulents could creep along in the sun where my Veg Trug is.

And yet, growing my small vegetable garden from seed has given me complete child-like glee. Faith and hope are hard to think about, but dropping a row of seeds in the ground in March and pulling out a bunch of radishes today is my good thing. Yes, I suppose I am the stereotypical yuppie gardener (don’t get me started about how much better MY rooftop arugula tastes!) but I hope I’m a little bit of a kid bringing home a gangly sprout rooting in a milk carton too.


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  1. These are gorgeous! The greens are edible too, which should get you a little more bang for your hard work.


  2. Posted by Erika on May 21, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    We’re growing carrots, lettuce and cantaloupe and I must say, it’s not at all that I can’t buy these things (and buy them organic) but it is the fun of checking on them each day, caring for them, realizing how amazing the world really is–if you don’t believe in miracles, just plant a seed, then see it as a 6 foot tall sunflower, how in the world can that happen! How can the energy from water, sun, and dirt make something from nothing? Unbelievable!!!


  3. “Unsustainable and silly.” I think that’s outrageous! Tell me that was not my class, or I was talking in my sleep. Discouraging people from gardening for the love of it makes me really cross. Growing small amounts of food on my rooftop has taught me about the about local, seasonal food really means and has informed my eating and shopping habits more than I could have anticipated.


  4. Love seeing this. We just planted some a bit ago, hope to be picking them soon enough!

    Also, I get pure joy out of going up to our roof and picking my own vegetables and then immediately enjoying them for lunch and dinner. It is such a great feeling!


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