Mantis in the Mallow

We bought this tall unwieldy mallow at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden plant sale. It was covered in over the top pink flowers and had that wild English garden look we love. We hauled it back to our roof garden, not knowing what to expect.

It has been blooming every couple of weeks all summer, disguising an ugly chimney. I just found out it has also become the home of this preying mantis!

We’ve had many more critters this summer. I didn’t like the ants crawling down into then kitchen in the spring, and we don’t like the crunchy huge black flying bugs that come out with the sun comes down and the wine comes out, but we’ve mostly had bees and butterflies, even bats and dragon flies.


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  1. Posted by Erika on August 12, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    LOVE seeing a praying mantis! Good luck for your garden, for sure :)


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