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Our Roof Garden in Spring

Here’s a look at our garden from this morning: Our first rose is blooming! See it just to the right of the Adirondack chair? As the trees leaf out, they hide a bit of our view.

RP built our potting bench early this spring and tricked it out with some hooks and lights.

Most of the seeds in our veg trug have sprouted. This is our first year trying to grow vegetables from seed. Arugula seems to be the fastest, easiest grower. Last night got cold and some of our seedlings looked bad this morning, but they recovered with a day in the sun.

I reluctantly ripped apart our herb planters today. They were one of the first things we planted on our original roof garden next door. They’d become overrun with clover weeds and mint. They needed to move to a bigger pot where they wouldn’t choke each other out.

Every summer we fight the wind and heat to keep a hanging basket alive. Lantana might not be the best looking plant out there (and a friend of ours says it is a weed), but its a survivor.


Reblooming Lilacs for Our Roof Garden

We went to Shannon Florist and Greenhouse for sea grass. We wanted something modern looking and dense to provide screen between our garden and our neighbors.

Instead, we ended up with three small lilacs (Bloomerang Purple, Syringa Penda) for the front of our garden. We added woolly, silver licorice plant (Helichrysumn petiloare) to fill in at the base of the lilacs and spill down the side of these tall containers. Had to drag six more big bags of soil up for these planters.