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Adding A Vine To Our Roof Garden


The Brooklyn Botantic Garden Plant Sale kicks-off tonight. Our roof garden is now almost full, so we won’t be hauling as many plants home this year. Still we will have our eyes open for a couple of less-common plants — special plants we can’t easily find at a local garden center or farmer’s market — that will solve specific problems in our garden. This summer, one of our goals is hiding the chimney in our garden with a lush vine crawling up a trellis. While our neighbors have had luck with a wisteria, we’re thinking about either a honeysuckle or a climbing hydrangea.

Matthew’s blogged about how great his climbing hydrangea grows and a couple of garden center sales people have told us that honeysuckle has what it takes to grow fast in a harsh, city environment.

For more roof garden plant ideas, check out Better Homes & Gardens list of 15 Best Plants for Rooftop Gardening.