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A Roof Garden in Mexico


There’s a short piece about a roof garden in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in the online real estate section of the New York Times. Check it out.


Terrace and Roof Gardens in Rome


R* and I have been back from vacation in Rome and the Greek Islands for a little over a week. We’re downloading our photos and reflecting on all that we saw.

We discovered that Rome must be the urban container gardening center of the world. R* and I spent a week wondering through Rome and made a game of pointing out amazing window boxes and roof gardens all over Rome.


Rome’s container gardens focus on greens, more than flowers. This must be because of the heat — it was nearly 100 when we were there in late August.


We stayed at the Hotel Torino in Rome. We felt right at home on their  roof garden where a complimentary breakfast is served to guests — and pigeon passers-by — every morning.

Check out Philip’s Garden Blog for a poetic post about roof gardens in Rome. I wish I would have known about these Secret Gardens of Rome before we left the Eternal City. In case the food alone wasn’t reason enough to go back to Rome, I also have to go back to check out more gardens.

Roof Gardeners, Meet the Raft Gardeners


Here’s some enchanting inspiration via Apartment Therapy. Even those of us who lack lakes can get some stylish small space gardening ideas from the Landskrona, Sweden Garden Guild’s contest. 

image: Skona Hem via Apartment Therapy

Our Favorite Brownstone Stoop Container Garden


We finally snapped a picture of my favorite Brooklyn brownstone stoop gardens this afternoon.

This brownstone planter is simple — just two plants — and elegant. The plants take advantage of their location; passers buy look up into the grass and little blue flowers. If this planting was viewed at ground level, the little flowers might get lost, but here their lacy best can be appreciated at eye level. The plants manage to show off the container without making the container the star.

Unlike some containers that peek and then loose their appeal, this planter has looked great since spring. It breaks the “thriller, spiller, filler rule” with much success. Does anyone recognize the plants in this container?

For another great container garden in the same neighborhood, check out this Brooklyn window box overflowing with petunias.

Tour Gayla’s Toronto Roof Garden


Ready for more great roof garden photos? Gayla from You Grow Girl just posted her June roof garden tour.

M and P’s Jersey City Roof Garden with Tomatoes and Koi


Take a look around the Jersey City roof garden M & P share with their dog Caruso. There’s a couple of firsts here: we’ve never seen roof garden tomato plants this huge . . . and we’ve never seen a rooftop water garden before.


M’s morning glory vines are climbing a rope trellis he made. See how the vines will cover the rust stains dripping down the roof!


“The tomatoes got HUGE then waterlogged but i think they were saved. The watermelons are doing well too,” says M. They covered up their tomato plants with garbage bags to protect them from these record breaking June rains.




M and P, thanks for these amazing roof garden photos.

Ready for even more roof garden photos? Check out the Wonder on Willow Street in Brooklyn. And for more roof gardening pets, click over to Nico the cat.

Images: M in Jersey City

Blackbook’s Brownstone Brooklyn Stoop Garden


No roof access? No excuses. Why not plant a garden on your stoop … or windowsill … or the tree well in front of your building. Scrounge up some space this summer.

But before you get started, check Blackbook for sage urban gardening advice. #10 is the best: Spend the extra couple of bucks on quality potting soil, it’s worth it.

They’re right. We’ll confess: R* and I potted some plants in soil from the dollar store. It made a muddy mess and taught us a lesson. Now we cab back to Brooklyn with huge bags of $$$ soil from Home Depot. If you pay plenty for plants, spring for the extra money for quality potting soil and treat yourself to a cab ride home.

We home Blackbook publishes a follow-up post with more pictures later on in the summer.

Image: Blackbook