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Can I Grow a Fig Tree on my Brooklyn Roof?


I really like this New York Times story by Randy Kennedy about growing a fig tree in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I’m itching to add squeeze just one more plant into our garden and I wonder if the Ficus carica ‘Chicago Hardy’ fig tree would be happy on our roof.

I hear that figs grow well in container gardens. If TheKitchn and the University of Illinois Extension say it can work, who am I to doubt?


Roof Gardens: “Weird Urban Serenity”

Did you see the editorial about roof gardens in Sunday’s New York Times?

There seems to be two kinds of roof gardens: there’s the fancy green roof projects like The Times is endorsing in this editorial;  and then there’s the roof gardens like ours where you (safely) put a few pots and a patio table up on the roof and having some fun. Both are great, but I’m wondering how the semantics will shake out to define the difference.

No matter what you call them, The Time’s is right about the “weird urban serenity” roof gardens of all kinds create. And check out this fact: “summer heat … can exceed 170 degrees on a roof.”