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A Haws Watering Can for R*’s Birthday


We lug the water for our roof garden up from our second floor apartment to the fifth floor roof. So we’ve been hunting for a watering can that was balanced, sturdy, and … yeah we wanted something beautiful too.


When we couldn’t find a galvanized metal watering can at any of the local hardware stores, we just went with a green plastic watering can from Home Depot (about $4). It gets the job done, but it isn’t balanced or elegant.  And the water pours out unevenly and too much water drips to roof and never hits the plants.

Enter John Haw who solved the problem back in 1885 with his “Improved Watering Pot.”

This is the BMW of watering cans, but a worthy treat, especially since they are made in Smethwick, West Midlands in the UK, about 15 mines from where R* comes from. The Haws can is totally balanced and the removable brass “watering rose” can be turned to prevent drips as we go up and down the stairs.


I chose this Haws V122 Slimcan in fade-resistant Titanium for R*. The slimmer size makes it easier to store. But the Biriths racing green round can is the Haws classic.

Here’s a detailed guide for selecting the Haws watering can that’s right for your roof garden. I couldn’t find a local store selling Haws. Let me know if you find one in NYC.

Happy Birthday, R*! Now a few more days without rain and we’ll get a chance to test drive our Haws.

Images: Haws


OXO’s Container Gardening Set


We haven’t bought any gardening tools yet. Just dirt and pots.

We use coffee mugs and our hands to move the dirt into the pots. For now, I’d rather spend our money on plants than tools. But still, I have my eye on this container gardening set ($41.99) from the gadget geniuses over at OXO.

Isn’t it cute? We could tote the tools up to the roof top using that handy blue container. The snips would be the most helpful. We already need to do some deadheading. But what would I do with a Multi-Use Transplanter anyway? No clue what that is.

I love OXO’s peeler so I bet this garden tool set would be great.