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New York City Tree Pits in Spring

We’ve now taken custody of the two tree pits in front of our apartment building. Here’s some photos of OPP (that’s other people’s tree pits) that caught my attention this spring.

tulip tree pit brooklyn

Tree pits are tough. The plants have to endure rough conditions and look great without encouraging too many people to stop and pick the flowers.

This big bunch of orange pansys looked great, but it won’t last for long. This many annuals must be expensive.

Brooklyn Flowers Plants Tree Pit

Nice pop of spring. Does anyone know what these flowers are? I’m wondering if a tree pit should just be one burst of a ground cover-y plant like this or if it should be just a bit more?

I’m not sure how long this tree pit display will last, but isn’t it so optimistic?

Tulips in the Tree Pit, Brooklyn Style

Tree pit gardening is tough on my Brooklyn block. If the dog pee doesn’t get ya, the flower pickers might. Congratulations to this Brooklyn gardener for a beautiful springtime display.