Evergreen Container Gardening in Brooklyn


Check out this inspiring new Brooklyn brownstone front garden. This planting just went in a few weeks ago and I stop to admire it on my walk to work every morning.

It looks to be all bushes and low-maintenance plants in many shades of green. Does anyone know the botanical names for these plants? I only recognize the rhododendrons.

What an elegant solution for the small garden space in front of many Brooklyn brownstones. This is a container garden space, really. Next year I’d like to try a small wind-loving tree in our roof garden.


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  1. Posted by evelyn on August 23, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    tree- umbrella pine gets vary tall and is very expensive
    green and white groundcover- asian ginger, about $12 a gallon
    blue green ground cover- juniper
    golden grass- probably Hakonechloa


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