Woolly Pocket: A mini-meadow for your roof garden


This San Francisco roof garden was built with the Woolly Meadow.

We haven’t tested Woolly Pockets (or even seen one of these in person yet), but they seem to fill a great roof gardening niche: they’re pretty affordable ($247, hey… one plastic pot at Home Depot is twenty bucks!), lined to protect the roof, and fold-able for winter storage. The containers is light, but be sure your roof can support the weight of soil + plants + water + the Woolly.


Starting out with this $45 Woolly Patch might be the way to go … and I love this sedum.

Via Apartment Therapy

Images: Woolly Pocket Garden Company, used with permission


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  1. Posted by lovlygardnr on June 18, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    woolly pockets look amazing! i’m really excited about the fact that i can finally plant some veggies on my deck, without having to build a raised-bed garden. woolly pockets look like the perfect solution.


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