The Melodrama of the Basil and the Roses

We’ve had our first casualty of the season: the basil I planted on April 17 looks dead, see it in the lower center of this photo. I was eager to get roof-grown basil back in my kitchen, but seems like mid-April was just too early for annual herbs.

But then check out our heirloom rosebushes, which I planted for R*’s birthday present last June. I love that both of these special tiny rose slips the winter and one of the plants already shot up  two big buds.

A little death and a whole lot of new life on our roof garden. Tune in next week when we’ll see if that last tiny green sprout on the base of the basil seedling will turn into anything. Or, will I decide to declare the basil dead and start over. Will the oregano’s relentless domination of the pot continue? And just when will that heirloom rose bloom?


2 responses to this post.

  1. I have never had luck with basil. I just replace it when it dies!


  2. Oh, we have had the worst time with our roof-top basil too! A nasty wind storm pretty much destroyed it last weekend. However, we replanted in a more sheltered spot, and it seems to be coming back slowly.


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