Re-charging the Soil In Our Containers

I’ve meet a couple of roof gardeners who throw out all of their soil every spring. They start the new season with almost all new dirt. We’re so not doing that! We were not up for carrying all that mess down the stairs and then where would we put the spent once we got downstairs? It’s not like we have a yard to pile up old potting soil. And then we’d have to drag a bunch of expensive new soil back up there and re-pot all those plants. Nope, not for us.

Instead, we’re going to try out Vermont Compost‘s Container Booster Mix. This mix is supposed to replace the nutrients last year’s plants sucked down. I wanted to steer clear of synthetic fertilizer like Miracle-Gro or Osmocote.

We ordered ours from Gardener’s Supply Co. Fingers crosses that it arrives today since we want to feed our hungry plants this weekend.


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