Would You Ever Make a Terrarium Table?

Our small, shared roof garden needs to fit people, a patio table and chairs, a few lounge chairs, two grills, and the occasional dog or two. And then there’s the plants! We’re running out of space for plants! While Sunset Magazine’s table-as-container-garden would create a special new space for plants, it is not so practical.

Umbrella planters are a more straight forward way to bring plants to the patio table.

Image: Sunset Magazine


2 responses to this post.

  1. I definitely love the look of unlikely containers-turned-terrariums, but would worry about the plants getting enough oxygen if the glass fit snugly on top. I guess you could always take the top off overnight, when the table wouldn’t be in use anyway. :)


  2. I like the idea. It’s a temporary display, not a permanent planting. Make a planter serve double-duty for a party, providing extra serving space, for example. Then remove the top and return it to its usual site after.

    All my containers have plants growing out of them, so couldn’t serve this purpose!


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