Urban Big Box Gardening: Cheap Stackable Planters (and Swans!) at KMart

Now is the time! If you want to pick up cool, inexpensive gardening items at big-box prices, city gardeners need to watch these stores closely. You have to shop early and shop fast. Much of the good stuff (like the solar lights at IKEA, my favorite Target pots) goes quick and is not evenly replenished. I’m determined not to miss it this year. Earlier this week, I lunched at the Astor Place Kmart looking for gardening inspiration.

Stacking Planters at Kmart

Pretty slim picking so far, but I thought some city gardeners could have fun with these two stackable planters. Has anyone ever used this Stack-A-Pots?

I like how the house plants are in the back of the lower level of Astor Place Kmart. They get to sit there, watching the 6 trains zoom up and down the tracks all days. This part of the store always makes me day dream about an underground jungle hiding out in NYC.

Happy Almost Spring!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hahaha, those swan planters are interesting! I love good planter finds! Ikea is a great resource for planters!


  2. those swans are pretty great. i am such a sucker for kitschy gardening decor. like i still want to score some sweet vintage pink flamingos.

    by the way i just found your blog, so glad i did!


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