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Hunting For An Outdoor Bar and Console Table

We’re shopping for an outdoor table to add to our new larger roof garden this spring. We’re trying to find a table that can function as a bar, a potting table, and a buffet for serving and holding an electric grill. We want to spend $500 or less and, of course, it should look great too.

Here are some top contenders. Do you have advice for RP and me ? What would you pick?

We keep coming back to this Martha Stewart Plum Island our bar ($399) from Home Depot. We could store the grill on the bottom shelf. The half-circle shape with folding leaves will help us to conserve space, and it could be fun to pull out and play bartender for our guests sometime this summer. We’d be glad to get the two stools. Sitting on our roof garden at bar height would let us look over the parapet for a better view. This seems like the perfect spot for RP and I to share some wine up on the roof this summer.

This cedar potting bench from Walmart is the best deal of the bunch at $299. We like how it has a dry sink: use it for soil, use it to ice some wine or beer. It doesn’t have the same swanky style as Martha’s bar, but this might be more sturdy. This option has four star reviews too.

The Regatta Console ($949) is beautiful – a beautiful, teak budget buster. With mortise and tenon construction, this might be the sturdiest of the bunch. It also has the most polished look. At only 30″ high, it wouldn’t work well as a bar. We like that this console, like the less expensive Walmart option, has the dry sink.

If we expand the budget, we could also look at options from Pottery Barn or this Carmel Bar Table ($560) from Restoration Hardware.  Do you have any suggestions for an outdoor buffet + bar + potting bench?


Fab Finds: Mid-Century Planter from Modernica

An affordable, modern planter is hard to find.

You might want to check out these elegant Case Study ceramic planters from Modernica. I like their mid-Century California style. If you’re careful, they should work both indoors and out. I’ve wanted to give them a try, but they’re a little bit expensive. has them today at about 20% off.

If this seems like a budget-busting option (we have to save money for plants after all!) and you’re in the NYC area, you might want to check out the planters at Build It Green that I posted on Saturday.

Fernmob: Outdoor Furniture with French Flair

GRDN Brooklyn is offering a 10% off discount on some Fernmob furniture this weekend.

A Pansy Wreath to Welcome Spring


Wouldn’t this wreath of pansys be a great way to welcome spring visitors to your roof garden? This might be the first thing I plant this spring. As the season warms up, I could swap it out with herbs or other annuals. You can make the wreath with this form from Kinsman Company.

Do you plant pansies in your roof garden? I didn’t last summer – I wasn’t sure if these tender growers could take the bright heat of our roof.

Colorful Modern Garden Trellis from, a new design-minded flash sale site, is wowing me with their modern garden items. First I fell for these planters and now this trellis from Terra Trellis. Would you put a sculpture-trellis in your garden? (Isn’t trellis a really strage sounding, ugly looking word. Especially if you say it over and over: trellis, trellis, trellises)

Would you harbor this big pink arbor? Now I’m hoping that Fab starts selling gardening tools, maybe a minimal fountain?

Cheers, Fire Escape Farms!

“Ledges, light-wells and rooftops, oh my!” says Fire Escape Farms. This San Francisco based online store specializes in the special tools we urban gardeners need to get the job done. They want to “help you turn even the smallest patch of sunlight into a farm so you can get your hands dirty and eat home-grown food.” I love their logo and am looking forward to watching their business grow.

Hat-tip to Scott and SwissMiss for telling me about this place.

Image: Sky planter from Fire Escape Farms

Two Trends in One: Stacking Giraffe Planters from Anthropologie

I hear that all things “figural” are hot. Plates passing as otters, teapots turned into top hats . . . so why not stacking planters that looks like giraffes?

Stacking planters are also super popular right now. The stacking trend seems to come from at least two inspirations: trendy succulents do well in stacking planters + stacked pots help us space-challenged city gardeners to give more plant a home. It is a bummer that there are not drainage holes in these $128 pots. If you want to embrace the figural trend, but aren’t up for all the color, maybe you could try the taupe version of these stacking planters?

Urban Big Box Gardening: Round Containers and Solar Lights at Target

Last summer we searched for low glazed pottery container under $100 for our succulents.  We didn’t find much and ended up with a plain terra cotta pot from Home Depot. (These succulents didn’t make it, but we want to try it again.) Well, look what R* and I found at Target yesterday! Pretty great right? These are my favorite item we’ve found while cruising NYC’s big box stores for gardening items — before they all sell out. Why didn’t I buy a couple when I was there? I hope they don’t sell out too soon. (Don’t tell anyone else about them, okay?)

How great are these old-school webbed lawn chairs in Americana colors plus margarita lime? These instantly brought back memories of early childhood trips to the Catskills and my grandparents buying kits to re-web their old lawn chairs.

The affordable solar lights are another draw at Target. We didn’t buy any on our first trip out, since we’ve found that our target does a pretty good job keeping these in stock all summer. Plus shoppers can find something very similar in Home Depot.

One more thing to keep an eye on: Target now owns the Smith and Hawken brand and sells the exclusively. They didn’t have many of these items in our store, but we’re looking forward to seeing more Smith & Hawken come in as the season moves along. I found this set of tools and a carrier online. I hope they keep the quality up on these items.

I can’t be the only one stalking these big box stores for garden fun. What are your best finds so far?

Urban Big Box Gardening: Cheap Stackable Planters (and Swans!) at KMart

Now is the time! If you want to pick up cool, inexpensive gardening items at big-box prices, city gardeners need to watch these stores closely. You have to shop early and shop fast. Much of the good stuff (like the solar lights at IKEA, my favorite Target pots) goes quick and is not evenly replenished. I’m determined not to miss it this year. Earlier this week, I lunched at the Astor Place Kmart looking for gardening inspiration.

Stacking Planters at Kmart

Pretty slim picking so far, but I thought some city gardeners could have fun with these two stackable planters. Has anyone ever used this Stack-A-Pots?

I like how the house plants are in the back of the lower level of Astor Place Kmart. They get to sit there, watching the 6 trains zoom up and down the tracks all days. This part of the store always makes me day dream about an underground jungle hiding out in NYC.

Happy Almost Spring!

Reminder: Brooklyn Botantic Garden Plant Sale Kicks Off Tomorrow

I’m looking forward to the plant sale preview. I’m hoping to race there after work tomorrow night. Maybe I’ll see you there?

I’ve never been before so I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m hoping to find: lantana for a hanging basket, some succulents, Thai and bush basil.

Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s site for all details about the 2010 plant sale.