Modern Sculptural Planters — Made in Brooklyn

Check out these graceful, edgy planters from Planterworx. Today, (yeah, you need to register before you can shop) has a special price on these recycled steel planters. They are handmade in Brooklyn and would be great for a modernist gardener who wants a lot of impact with a minimal amount of plants. Just watch the weight!

Round out the modern look with Zuo Outdoor, also at


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  1. BEWARE!!!!!

    Planterworx sucks. Really look nice in the imagery but I got $16,000 worth of custom planters from them and they took FOREVER, were VERY expensive, the craftsmanship was spotty (the aluminum walls they used were too thin, despite my asking if they were in-fact thick enough for the size) and worst of all they didn’t prep the boxes properly so that the powder coating chipped-off as soon as you rub-up against them. By the time installation was done they were chipped EVERYWHERE!

    Of course they would not warranty the product and we had to get them repainted at our own expense.

    Stay clear in my experience but maybe you’ll have better luck. Who knows. Just be aware!

    Winston Ely
    WE Design/Build
    Brooklyn Architect


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