Where Do City Gardeners Find Stones for the Garden?

How did your garden grow over the Memorial Day weekend? We got a ticked a pile of gardening chores off the list — but we’re still hunting for some stones for our tree pit gardens. I think a few stones give the tree pits a more finished look and they fill up some spots that don’t have plants. (I really like the stone border for this tree pit garden, but we won’t use this many since our tree pit is already protected by a new metal fence!)

I think stones also send a not-so-subtle message: stay off our plants! Buying stones like these doesn’t make much sense. So RP and I are planning to scout out some local construction sites and see what we can find, but we probably won’t find rounded stones like these.

Do you use stones in your garden? Where do you find them?

Lately, I’ve been trying to fast-forward gardens in my mind, trying to envision why they could like in late August. For this Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn garden, I’m wondering: are the petunias and coleus are tough enough for this  spot, will the sweet potato vines fill up the whole space? I also like the cheerful tone of this tiny stoop garden.







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  1. Good question about the stones. Check Craigslist or Freecycle.


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