Two Trends in One: Stacking Giraffe Planters from Anthropologie

I hear that all things “figural” are hot. Plates passing as otters, teapots turned into top hats . . . so why not stacking planters that looks like giraffes?

Stacking planters are also super popular right now. The stacking trend seems to come from at least two inspirations: trendy succulents do well in stacking planters + stacked pots help us space-challenged city gardeners to give more plant a home. It is a bummer that there are not drainage holes in these $128 pots. If you want to embrace the figural trend, but aren’t up for all the color, maybe you could try the taupe version of these stacking planters?


One response to this post.

  1. Oh my goodness, these are too cute. But what’s up with no drainage holes! Annoying.


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