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Good Erdle Modular Planter – Sale at


The Elliot is an eye-catching modern, handmade planter sold exclusively at for $149 plus shipping. It would work well as a centerpiece planter for a patio table, with the pots surrounding your patio umbrella. Unfortunately, these pots do not have holes in the bottom of them. (Gardeners of the world, let’s UNITE and ask manufactures to make us planters with holes in the bottom!)


Fab Finds: Mid-Century Planter from Modernica

An affordable, modern planter is hard to find.

You might want to check out these elegant Case Study ceramic planters from Modernica. I like their mid-Century California style. If you’re careful, they should work both indoors and out. I’ve wanted to give them a try, but they’re a little bit expensive. has them today at about 20% off.

If this seems like a budget-busting option (we have to save money for plants after all!) and you’re in the NYC area, you might want to check out the planters at Build It Green that I posted on Saturday.