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The Vertical Garden

The Vertical Garden ($30 + shipping) creates nine planting areas, stacked on three levels. We found it at the Philadelphia Flower Show and liked how the triple stack of pots is water and space efficient. R* and I are interested in hearing what you think about the “taste level” of this Vertical Garden. The Vertical Garden also includes a hanging chain.

We bought one to test, but it seems a little cheap looking to us and it doesn’t seem to show off the plants very well. The Stack and Grow planter from the old Smith & Hawken certainly was more classy looking.

Small Space Garden Inspiration from the Philadelphia Flower Show

A few weeks ago, we snuck away to Philadelphia for the day to visit the Philadelphia Flower Show. The show was stunning, but honestly we were hoping for more inspiration and ideas for urban small space gardeners. This stand from the Mid Atlantic Horticultural Therapy Network stood out to us. They suggested looking for discarded stairs and turning them into a vertical garden with room for multiple window boxes.