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Urban Farming From New York City to London

There’s an urban farming trend alert in the T Style magazine this weekend (click View Full Magazine, jump to page 19). I like this photo, but learned more from a similarly themed urban roof gardening piece in the Financial Times. The FT piece also introduced me to the excellent London Terrace Garden blog.

A London Rooftop Vegetable Garden


Check out Dom’s rooftop garden in Hackney, London. This is his first year in this building, so he call this vegetable garden “a big experiment.”

Dom’s tomatoes are growing in grow bags — “really just bags full of peat/compost/growing soil that are specially designed for vegetables and fruit,” he explained. “They’re great for vegetables in confined spaces but their one major drawback is that you can never tell how dry or wet they are.”

We haven’t had any problems with rodents in our garden here in NYC, but Dom’s not so lucky. “Rocket, spinach and lobelia all failed because the squirrels tampered with the soil, sending seeds everywhere. Grey squirrels are a real problem in London.”

For more pictures of Dom’s London garden, check out his Flickr page.

S and D’s Roof Garden Tomatoes Are Fruiting


Now that we finally have some warm sunny days, S and D’s Brooklyn roof garden is really taking off. The best part: their tomatoes now have fruit on them. They grew all these tomato plants from seed!


Here’s pictures of their roof garden that we posted at the beginning of the season.

If you have some photos or a progress update of your roof garden — from Brooklyn, NYC, or far beyond — please get in touch with me through this form or tweet to @bklynroofgarden.

Photos: S and D

Chris and Diana’s Red Hook Rooftop


Check out this roof garden in Red Hook, Brooklyn on Apartment Therapy.  Diana and Chris built the furniture with palette wood scavenged from the streets of their neighborhood.

Image: Apartment Therapy