Lush Williamsburg, Brooklyn Roof Garden

Alejandro’s Williamsburg roof on Apartment Therapy is beyond inspiring! The garden jumps with green and loads of bright annual flowers.

I’m paranoid that my roof garden, despite all the time we put into it, could look just like a bunch of pots on a rooftop. Alejandro’s roof garden seems to have this consistency and lushness. I’d really like to achieve something like this. I wish I could see even more pictures of this garden.


Check Out This Manhattan Roof Garden


Wow, right? This is a 1,600 square foot roof garden in Chelsea, Manhattan. Sotheby’s has the full tour of this $4.5 million home.


Seeds for our roof garden

Our seeds arrived today from Hudson Valley Seed Library! 19 different kinds, I think I was a bit ambitious.

RP is home putting together our new potting bench.

Modern Gardening Sale: Fire Bowl, Rail Planters at has some fresh gardening sales! I have a hard time finding modern cool gardening supplies so I’m glad continues to offer garden goods. Keep in mind that’s sales are private, so you need to be a member to buy the items.

Above is the Lumacast Fire Bowl ($2,800). Probably better for a backyard than a roof garden, but we sky gardeners can still dream.

Rail planters ($20) could be useful on a roof garden stairway, a fire escape (if that’s safe and legal!), or even a chain link fence.

Upside down planters from Boskke ($49 for 3) seem to still be a trend too . . .

And there’s a deal on some bright modern planters and indoor/outdoor furniture from Serralunga 1825 too.


Spring Window Box on Wheels!

I tripped over this inspiring daffodil window box yesterday in Boston’s Back Bay in front of Sault, a well curated shop that’s hard to define. They sell: ties, notebooks, gardening tools and vintage curiosities.

The owner told me there’s more gardening items on the way for spring!

Starting Our Vegetable Garden on the Roof

We’re taking the vegetable plunge this spring. Our new larger roof garden has a somewhat sunny corner spot for a small vegetable patch.


RP and I collected some ideas for our vegetable garden at the Philadelphia Flower Show last week. While we’ll have to hold off on the oyster-shell lined paths — as we saw in this wonderful Colonial Williamsburg kitchen garden exhibit — I think we can grow something great tasting and good looking in our Brooklyn roof garden.


We need a container to start. We wanted something that would be up off the ground, sturdy, and good looking. We ordered the British designed VegTrug from Gardener’s Supply Company yesterday. It is 70 inches long and will take a back-breaking 380 quarts of soil. I’m not sure how we’ll get all that dirt up 5 flights.

The VegTrug comes with a liner that will keep the soil off the roof, while letting the roots breath. If the hungry squirrels eat all our lettuce for breakfast, we can order a cover to protect the plants.

It is so hard to buy gardening products on line, but without many gardening stores around here, we don’t have much choice. This video helped us to decide that the Veg Trug is solid and easy to construct.

Our next project is to order seeds. We’re going to check out the Hudson Valley Seed Library and Landreths. Both of these seed sellers were at the flower show, but their stands were so packed, we didn’t get to shop. We’re hoping we can find some seeds that won’t mind our warm windy roof too much.

We’re getting more seed starting help from expert Margaret Roach here.

Spring Planting and Prep for Our Outdoor Bar

We had our first busy gardening Saturday of the season. We decided be a little bit crazy. We bought $22 of violas and planted them in our front planters this morning . . . actually we woke up at noon, so it was this afternoon. Putting tender plants into the ground means we’re committed optimists; it isn’t going to snow or freeze now. Phillips Farms was selling purple, yellow, and lavender violas at the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket. We bought a flat of plants for the planters in front of our co-op. While I was on the stoop planting and sweeping away a winter’s worth of cig butts and leaves, RP was up at our roof garden measuring for furniture and planters.

With the garden drawing in place, I shook up some negronis (while tradition splits the spirits evenly, we go stronger: 1/2 Bombay Sapphire gin, 1/4 Campari, 1/4 Noilly Prat vermouth. “”The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other.” – Orson Welles) and made some furniture and planter decisions. RP and I  bought two galvanized stools from Industry West and a teak outdoor table from Amazon (Strathwood Bradford, by name). We like the contrast between the wood and metal. We need the height of a bar table so we can peer over the table to catch the view.

Next up: We need to find a planter for our vegetable garden and RP wants a Buddha. Namaste from Brooklyn!

Cheers to the first flower of spring

Our whole co-op has had our eyes on our Brooklyn tree pit garden for a couple weeks. Well, today was the day. They’re here, they’re here: the first flowers of the 2012 gardening season!

This daffodil is a bit lanky looking and cautious, almost as if to say: I know I’m a little early, I could walk around the block if you want, but I brought some good champagne!


A Glimpse Of Anderson Cooper’s New York City Roof Garden

Anderson Cooper’s midtown New York City loft is for sale according to Curbed. He has a terrace and a roof garden — complete with surround sound, a gas grill and what looks like real glass. The water tower is pretty cool too. Lookin’ good Mr. Cooper. Maybe he’ll do a tour of his garden on his talk show before he moves downtown!


Image: Prudential Douglas Elliman

Hunting For An Outdoor Bar and Console Table

We’re shopping for an outdoor table to add to our new larger roof garden this spring. We’re trying to find a table that can function as a bar, a potting table, and a buffet for serving and holding an electric grill. We want to spend $500 or less and, of course, it should look great too.

Here are some top contenders. Do you have advice for RP and me ? What would you pick?

We keep coming back to this Martha Stewart Plum Island our bar ($399) from Home Depot. We could store the grill on the bottom shelf. The half-circle shape with folding leaves will help us to conserve space, and it could be fun to pull out and play bartender for our guests sometime this summer. We’d be glad to get the two stools. Sitting on our roof garden at bar height would let us look over the parapet for a better view. This seems like the perfect spot for RP and I to share some wine up on the roof this summer.

This cedar potting bench from Walmart is the best deal of the bunch at $299. We like how it has a dry sink: use it for soil, use it to ice some wine or beer. It doesn’t have the same swanky style as Martha’s bar, but this might be more sturdy. This option has four star reviews too.

The Regatta Console ($949) is beautiful – a beautiful, teak budget buster. With mortise and tenon construction, this might be the sturdiest of the bunch. It also has the most polished look. At only 30″ high, it wouldn’t work well as a bar. We like that this console, like the less expensive Walmart option, has the dry sink.

If we expand the budget, we could also look at options from Pottery Barn or this Carmel Bar Table ($560) from Restoration Hardware.  Do you have any suggestions for an outdoor buffet + bar + potting bench?