Where Are All The Balcony Gardens, New York City?

Did you happen to catch this great quote from Oscar De La Renta in the Wall Street Journal Magazine?

“Before I came to America, in every Hollywood film I saw, there was a cocktail party on a terrace. And then I arrived in New York and there were no terraces.”

So true, but at least we have plenty of cocktail parties! I can’t wait to start hosting parties on our new roof garden. The photo is from Oscar DeLa Renta’s garden in Connecticut.

NY Times: Gardeners, What’s Up With This Warm Winter?

I’ve been looking for expert advice on how this warm winter will change gardening this year. The New York Times digs in today:
“On the one hand, it’s great to see flowers this early — it lifts your spirits,” said Mr. Mardon, a Bronx native and lifelong gardener. “On the other hand, it creates apprehension. Gardens need an opportunity to rest, and that’s what a good winter provides.”

Fab Finds: Mid-Century Planter from Modernica

An affordable, modern planter is hard to find.

You might want to check out these elegant Case Study ceramic planters from Modernica. I like their mid-Century California style. If you’re careful, they should work both indoors and out. I’ve wanted to give them a try, but they’re a little bit expensive. Fab.com has them today at about 20% off.

If this seems like a budget-busting option (we have to save money for plants after all!) and you’re in the NYC area, you might want to check out the planters at Build It Green that I posted on Saturday.

Deal on Big Planters at Build It Green!

We roof gardeners need big pots! Bigger pots stay moist longer and don’t blow over on stormy days.

Check out what we found at Brooklyn’s Build It Green in Gowanus. We bought three waist high zinc color Terraccino fiberglass planters and one slightly shorter one for $110. That’s $110 total! If we’d be lucky enough to find pots like that in stock at a local store they would be over $100 each, I’m sure.

If you’re in NYC and need big planters, get over to Build It Green fast. We might head back tomorrow for more.

Now to research soil delivery to fill these huge planters!

Fernmob: Outdoor Furniture with French Flair

GRDN Brooklyn is offering a 10% off discount on some Fernmob furniture this weekend.

A Pansy Wreath to Welcome Spring


Wouldn’t this wreath of pansys be a great way to welcome spring visitors to your roof garden? This might be the first thing I plant this spring. As the season warms up, I could swap it out with herbs or other annuals. You can make the wreath with this form from Kinsman Company.

Do you plant pansies in your roof garden? I didn’t last summer – I wasn’t sure if these tender growers could take the bright heat of our roof.

Daffodils Coming Up in our Tree Pit

Daffodils popping up in the Brownstone Brooklyn usually mean spring is here, but it is only January!

I expect we’ll have a couple big snow storms and a cold snap before spring. What will happen to the daffodils?

Chasing the Perfect Outdoor Chaise Lounge

RP and I are on the hunt for the perfect chaise lounges for our new roof garden.

We’ve never shopped for serious outdoor furniture before and it really is overwhelming: Metal or wood? Solid or sling back? Arms or no arms? Heck, would you like stripes with that? Not too expensive, not too ticky-tacky, nothing too Golden Girls or Titanic looking. We need something that won’t blow off the roof, and Sunbrella fabric would be a plus.  We’re shopping for two chaises that are stackable and fit in with our existing brown outdoor dining table and chairs. We’d like something that’s sturdy, not too hard to assemble, and can be delivered all the up to the 5th floor roof for a fair delivery charge. Since we live in NYC, we probably won’t even be able to see what we pick before it is delivered — most stores don’t stock much of their outdoor items here.

We’re looked high (Restoration Hardware, Room & Board), low (Target.com – much larger online selection than we expected, Home Depot), and in between (Macy’s, Crate and Barrel, Amazon).

Outdoor furniture shopping in January? A saleswoman laughed at RP when he called her this morning to ask about cushion colors and delivery time, but we’re discovering this is a good time to shop: many stores have sales right now, you can still snap up some discontinued items from last summer, and the new items are starting to debut. The best-priced, best-looking stuff sells out fast, we’ve learned.

Can anyone help us with our patio peoples’ problem?

This morning, these two are on the top of our list: The Madison patio chair from Macy’s, on sale for $399. The metal will coordinate with our other furniture and we think we like the arms. It could be too light for the wind that can gust across the roof, and we’re hoping we’re not limited to only green cushions. My spendy favorite is the Valencia Chase from Crate & Barrel, $899 (picture at the post of the post). The rest of our outdoor furniture is from Crate & Barrel and it has been even more durable than we expected. I also like the modern, luxe look of the Valencia and the plain stone color. But RP is worried about the gas pedal that sets how far back the chair can go. Could we break it after too many margaritas? Plus $899 feels so expensive, but we’re planning to spend every sunny minute we have up there from spring to fall.

NSFW Terrariums on Sale at Fab.com

Check out these kinda naughty terrariums on sale at Fab.com today. If you’re missing gardening as much as I am (remind me of this when I’m up at 6 a.m. to water in July!), these tongue-in-cheek terrariums from Twig might be just the gardening treat to get us by until we can get outside again.

I’m Going Over The Top Italian!

I’m digging these zap of colors from these planters at HomeGoods in Chicago. Kinda fluorescent Tuscan or something?