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Sunflowers Shine on a Brooklyn Stoop Garden


Sunflowers don’t immediately strike me as city flowers. Don’t they seem like they’d be happier out in a field somewhere?

And yet, check out this Brooklyn brownstone stoop garden. These sunflowers look amazing there — a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll with some bohemian thrown in for good measure. The yellow and brown bring great contrast against the worn brownstone red. Many people plant dark maroon foliage to match the brownstone, but where’s the contrast and the joy?

These sunflowers stretch up to the parlor floor, bringing the viewers eye up to the front of the house. And the sedum Autumn Joy looks great at the foot of the sunflowers where things could be a bit leggy-ugly.  I wonder if sunflowers could grow this tall on a roof garden. Would they snap in the wind?

Speaking of sunflowers and Brooklyn, don’t miss the New York Times article about Kirstin Tobiasson’s guerrilla garden on the Gowanus canal

Our Favorite Brownstone Stoop Container Garden


We finally snapped a picture of my favorite Brooklyn brownstone stoop gardens this afternoon.

This brownstone planter is simple — just two plants — and elegant. The plants take advantage of their location; passers buy look up into the grass and little blue flowers. If this planting was viewed at ground level, the little flowers might get lost, but here their lacy best can be appreciated at eye level. The plants manage to show off the container without making the container the star.

Unlike some containers that peek and then loose their appeal, this planter has looked great since spring. It breaks the “thriller, spiller, filler rule” with much success. Does anyone recognize the plants in this container?

For another great container garden in the same neighborhood, check out this Brooklyn window box overflowing with petunias.

A Rooftop and Terrace Vegetable Garden in Brooklyn


Mapleton-Bklyn is an amazing diary of a hard working, first year Brooklyn vegetable garden. Check out the variety of things Chris is growing over there — even dino kale!


Chris speaks honestly about the hassle (“it would be nice not to have the apartment look like a construction site.”) and joy of growing in Brooklyn (“my squash leaves just grew 1.2mm in the past six hours”). Check out all his hard work, aphids and all. For even more Brooklyn veggie photos, check out Chris’ Flickr site.

Images: Mapleton-Bklyn

Brooklyn Apartment Window Box


Happy Monday! We walk past these window boxes every morning on the way to work and wanted to share them this morning.

These Brooklyn window boxes hold piles of petunias, a bleeding heart bush, and some pansies peaking out too. We’re inspired by how big these window boxes are and by how much dimension they have.


These window boxes prove that there’s always space to grow something. Check out more of my window box posts here. If you don’t have a back yard, how about a roof, a stoop, a tiny tree pit, or a window sill like this one.

S and D’s Roof Garden Tomatoes Are Fruiting


Now that we finally have some warm sunny days, S and D’s Brooklyn roof garden is really taking off. The best part: their tomatoes now have fruit on them. They grew all these tomato plants from seed!


Here’s pictures of their roof garden that we posted at the beginning of the season.

If you have some photos or a progress update of your roof garden — from Brooklyn, NYC, or far beyond — please get in touch with me through this form or tweet to @bklynroofgarden.

Photos: S and D

Chris and Diana’s Red Hook Rooftop


Check out this roof garden in Red Hook, Brooklyn on Apartment Therapy.  Diana and Chris built the furniture with palette wood scavenged from the streets of their neighborhood.

Image: Apartment Therapy

Blackbook’s Brownstone Brooklyn Stoop Garden


No roof access? No excuses. Why not plant a garden on your stoop … or windowsill … or the tree well in front of your building. Scrounge up some space this summer.

But before you get started, check Blackbook for sage urban gardening advice. #10 is the best: Spend the extra couple of bucks on quality potting soil, it’s worth it.

They’re right. We’ll confess: R* and I potted some plants in soil from the dollar store. It made a muddy mess and taught us a lesson. Now we cab back to Brooklyn with huge bags of $$$ soil from Home Depot. If you pay plenty for plants, spring for the extra money for quality potting soil and treat yourself to a cab ride home.

We home Blackbook publishes a follow-up post with more pictures later on in the summer.

Image: Blackbook

Willow Street Wonder . . . Stunning Brooklyn Rooftop Garden Photos


Our friends on Willow Street in Brooklyn Heights sent us some pictures from their spectacular roof garden. Pretty amazing!


frog and sedum roof garden



Thanks for the pictures, CQ! Send more soon!

More rooftop garden pictures:
Gardening in the Sky photos
The Roof Garden at the Caledonia

Images: CQ

Roof Garden . . . with Tomatoes and Kitten


S and D are growing a bunch of tomatoes, herbs and some flowers in their roof garden in Greenpoint. Count on their cat Nico to keep the squirrels away.

Earlier this week, D pinched back the suckers on their tomato plants and the first blooms are showing up on their tomato vines. Can’t wait to see more photos as the tomatoes ripen.


Sun and Roses in this Brooklyn Roof Garden


Jeffreywithtwof captured this packed Brooklyn roof garden. Check it out: windowboxes with hanging planters on top, plus rose bushes plus that sunny umbrella. The summer sun’s calling my name …

Also check out our photo of Gardening in the Sky.

Image: Flickr from Jefferywithtwof, used with permission